The shaken crew stepped away from their captain with uncertainty. As they washed their trust away in the rising waves of bitter betrayal, they vowed to never sail the seas again.

Yet, as they grew stronger, healing from the shipwreck the seas began to call. They were beckoning the crew back to the place of belonging.

The crew stepped tentatively into the waters, questioning if there was a caption that would trust their loyalty enough to give his trust in return.

Just as they lost hope of finding such an upstanding captain, he stepped forward shining with a look of integrity, love, adventure and trust. All with an honest understating of himself and the people close to him.

The crew was cautious as they reached out to this man. They wanted so badly to sail the seas with a captain they trusted and in return trusted them, it made them question their need for such devotion.

However, the captain’s quest for adventure and desire to share his love of life was infectious. The crew threw caution to the wind and stepped onto the ship with reckless abandon.

Although a few squalls would surface from time to time, they sailed the seas sharing and giving freely among themselves.

The caption was a good man. He received great joy in sharing the adventures set before him and the crew. They were happy to share every aspect of this life with the captain, feeling a sense of unity and trust between them.

When they had first met the captain, he cautioned the crew that he had lost many things in his quest for gold. He insisted he had conquered this yearning and would follow the honest life of a man who had learned from the mistakes of the past.

The crew believed the caption and chose to disregard the storm that was begging to rise and consume the ship.

From time to time, the crew would grow cautious. In response to their concern, the captain would steer clear of the rough waves calling out promises of adventure and happy times ahead.

Yet the lies the captain told the crew began to resurface repeatedly, revealing his overwhelming and ongoing quest for gold.

To the dismay of the crew the captain gave into his longing for gold and steered into the storm, revealing his deception.

The crew reached out to the captain desperately trying to help him. They longed to show him the way back into his adventurous life filled with honesty and love.

Yet the captain chose gold over the crew and tried to cover his dishonesty by blaming them for the mistakes he had made. In doing so, he sadly revealed a deeper path of lies and betrayal.

The crew had no choice but to leave the captain’s ship seeking refuge in the lifeboats provided should the storms ever threaten to overtake them.

The crew’s love for the captain caused them to reach out to him once again, begging to take refuge as they had. The crew hoped to show him they could not fight his quest for gold even if they could no longer be the crew of the ship. They told him of their love for him and how much they longed to see him embrace his true self. The self they had believed in when they had walked so trustingly onto the ship to share the adventures of the world hand in hand with him.

Sadly, the captain chose to stay with the lies of the ship, choosing the mistakes of the past over the love and loyalty of the crew.

The crew knew they would lose themselves with the captain if they did not choose honesty over betrayal; they held their heads high, ignoring the false accusations from the caption of a sinking ship. As They drifted, searching for a safe harbor, they threw the deep wounds inflicted from accusing lies into the sea choosing the memories of adventures rather than dishonesty.