Intention Through Invitation 

If you are feeling the chaos of many emotions from the past three years and don’t have a sense that you will achieve peace again. If you would you like to learn how to express those emotions and heal to move ahead in an amazing way. I invite you to express, create, release, and celebrate today with me, Deb.

Connecting Through Art

I would love to explore with you how we can honor your personal connections with the ones you love. Reach out to me and we will have a discussion about creating a piece of art that expresses your personal relationship with the one you care about. That could mean a painting that you create in a session with me or one I create for you in understanding who you are and what it is you want to say.  

Feathers Artfully Askew

You may see a piece that I have already created that resonates with you completely. I am happy to discuss how this art may fit in your home or in the home of a special someone in your life. Contact me and we will chat about size, placement and the emotion of the piece.  

Honey Love

Have you been tested by fire? It’s your time to shine!

Schedule a painting session with Deb.

We will share our struggles, our hiccups, our rise above moments through the power of art!

1 & 1/2 hour session

Come alone or share the cost with friends.

$100.00 pays for 1-4 participants.

Some of Deb’s Artwork

Healing Through Art

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