Shipwreck: Perhaps you were made for this moment: To walk through blazing fire and come forth as gold!

Which side of the quest for gold are you active in this moment? Are you obsessed with what gold can do for you or are you shining from within, sharing the gift called you?

What is your gold?

We all want to be noticed to be acknowledged. We all want to be successful and prominent. We want the nice things in life. When does the quest for gold turn to obsession? How many times have we hurt the ones we care about all because we were chasing the dream, hunting for more. Rather than seeing the glow of gold walking beside us?

It is hard to see ourselves when we are busy thinking about how someone else has done us wrong. At some point, if we want peaceful healing, then we need to shift our perspective into a place of who we are. Looking inside of us rather than others may just bring foreword our golden moment!